first post

Welcome to my brand new shiny blog! After months of reading blogs about fitness, food and a lot of DIY home designing I decided to finally make the plunge and start one of my own.

A few months ago I started reading blogs on a daily basis.  I loved seeing what new projects were going on over at, keeping up with a few of the younger dietitian blogs out there and starting to find more running/workout blogs such as and

On my blog I plan to write about my typical daily life.  I want to re-design my entire apartment with a ton of DIY thing, but I’m holding off because we plan to move in the next 6-8 months.  I’ve been trying to become more motivated to stick to a consistent workout schedule.  Also the dietitian in me is always looking for new recipes.  I hope to use my blog to chronicle my adventures through home decorating, keep me accountable to my workout plan and share new recipes!

Happy blogging!