My first adventure into home DIY

After 2 years of living in my apartment with minimal decor I decided it was finally time to make things look a little better.  I some how stumbled upon the blog and became instantly obsessed. I perused the site for weeks, finally deciding that I could tackle no sew curtains.  I tend to be very indecisive when it comes to decorating decisions (it took almost a year for me to find the “perfect” duvet cover for our bed).  I searched fabric sites over and over until I found something I thought I could live with at ikea.  


I ventured to the store and managed to cut several yards for myself.  I also swung by Joann fabrics and picked up some hem tape.  I didn’t bother to read how long the roll was or for that matter figure out how much I would need for my curtains.  That would bite me in the butt when I was in the middle of hem sewing with our iron and I manged to run out of hem tape.  One more trip back to Joann’s.  The finished curtains turned out pretty well, even Nolan liked them.


Post curtains

Nolan giving the curtains some love before they went up on the wall


I was very proud of myself for actually finishing a project and even more pleased that they actually looked half decent!  I basically followed the instructions on young house love step by step, except I bought my curtain rod and curtains rings at IKEA.  I think it turned out okay, but after buying some curtain rings from target I realized you definitely get more curtain rings from Target than you do IKEA. Oh well, you live and learn