A battle with the sewing machine

I was so excited to send my mom a picture of my curtains and she was actually pretty impressed that I had made them. Her next question was–can you make me some for the camper? My parents have a pull behind camper that’s about 25 years old that they take to different state parks a few times per year. I would have to say that the curtains were probably about that old as well.  I took a trip home for a nice relaxing vacation and told my mom if she got fabric I would make her curtains.

Skip forward a couple weeks and I’m at home.  Through yelp I find the PA Fabric Outlet and I figure it’s worth a try for some fabric for the curtains.  We walk in to this huge store and mom quickly finds the 99 cents per yard section!  Crazy!  She finds a fabric she likes, which she says will match the all brown interior of the camper.  Not my first choice, but I haven’t been in the camper in at least 5 years, so she gets the final say.  There’s just shy of 2 yards left on the bolt so we get the fabric for I think $1.76.

Mom had her old sewing machine, which she retrieved from her mother’s house, so I figured I would try to give sewing curtains on the machine a try.  This was the manual for the sewing machine, which I’m guessing is at least 30 years old.

I’ve never had any formal sewing training, unless you count about home ec back when I was in middle school.  I can normally figure out how to thread the machine, but this one I decided not to risk anything trying to wing in and throughly read through the manual.

The short story is my mom got curtains.

The long story begins with me barely having enough fabric to cut the 3 panels she wanted me to sew.  I just used the old curtains as a template and eye balled it.  I actually couldn’t find any tape measures in the entire house, so I figured whatever I could make would have to do.  My parents’ cat decided she wanted to help me cut and measure the fabric.

I eventually got it all cut and started sewing.  There may have been some fighting with the machine and consulting the manual to almost entirely take it apart, but I ended up with 3 curtains!

(Old curtains)

I didn’t get a final picture of the curtains, but just picture the old curtains with the new fabric.

My dad and brother were doing some work on the camper so I didn’t get to hang them up, but I’ll have to have my mom send a picture once they’ve been hung up.