What Workout Should I Do Today

I woke up this morning determined to get a workout in.  I enjoyed a leisurely vacation at home and only worked out 1 day out of 6, but 2 of those days were spent mostly travelling.  I flew back into Houston yesterday and took today (Tuesday) off to do laundry and get settled before going back to work.

For the plane ride home I had downloaded the newest issue of SELF magazine.  They had a training plan for running a half marathon that didn’t look too hard so I decided to copy it to my computer and maybe think about doing it.  I’m also currently thinking of also training for a triathlon.  The only thing really stopping me, is me.  I bought a road bike last summer and have gone on a few organized rides since then.  I tend to get all excited about making a plan and training, but then never follow through with the training.

Well I thought I would start today off with a run…but that didn’t exactly happen.  See I slept in until about 8:30 and lounged around til about 10 drinking my coffee.  At that point the weather channel said it felt like it was 100 degrees outside.  Don’t think I’m going to get that run in today.

Nolan and I took a short walk around the apartment complex, just enough for us both to get sweaty.  Then I decided to do a home based edition of a cross-fit type workout that was in the women’s running magazine I picked up at the aiport.  I’ve never done any cross fit, but have heard great things about it.  I think the cost is really one of the reasons I won’t get into it.  Anyway, I can’t find the workout online yet, but here is a basic synopsis:

100 yard lunge walk

50 sit-ups

25 knees to elbows

50 double unders

50 box jumps

25 squats with weights

50 push-ups

I was able to complete everything except the toes to bar (I actually never even got my toes to the bar!) and the double unders (I just did regular jumps). For the box jumps I didn’t have anything to jump on so I just jumped into the kitchen across the carpet to the fake wood.

It was a nice quick short workout and i think it will make it into the workout mix.  Now I just have to get up early or get motivated to run late after work, oh the joy of running in Houston!



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