Putting the pillow in pillows and popsicles

The first pillow!  This blog is about pillows, right?  So shouldn’t I actually be posting about those.  Well I had actually never made a pillow before I came up with the name for the blog.  I just wanted to!  

I actually had a pillow form shipped in an order of fabric I order for a different project at my apartment that I planned to make for myself, but hadn’t gotten around for it.  I asked my mom if she wanted new pillows (mostly because hers have lost their shape), but she was fine with keeping the old ones.  After I completed the curtains for her camper I had a little bit of fabric left and some free time on my hands so I decided to practice making pillow covers.  I found a helpful tutorial on http://nataliecreations.tumblr.com/post/6357454653/diy-envelope-pillowcase and was off!

I still couldn’t find a tape measure so I used the next best thing–a ruler!  I also stole some of the current day’s newspaper (sorry Mom and Dad, hope you didn’t want to read the classifieds!) and cut out some templates for my fabric.  The first one was 17″ x 17 ” and the second was 17″ x 23″ for a 16″ x 16″ pillow.

After cutting out the fabric I sewed a hem on the 2 back pieces for my envelope part of the pillow and then pinned everything together inside out.

It was off to battle with the sewing machine one more time!  This time things went pretty smoothly and I ended up with a not too bad looking pillow cover.

Again I didn’t take a picture of it with a pillow inside of it, but after testing it out my mom decided she liked it and will probably keep it after all!