Name Change

So after thinking about the name popsicles and pillows for about a week and looking back at my blog posts; seeing that there was no mention of any food I decided that the popsicles of popsicles and pillows had to go! Actually I have a hard time typing popsicle correctly, so maybe that was part of it too. I always seem to try and spell it popscile. Anyway, I figured it was better to change it now rather than a few months down the line when I possibly still wouldn’t have any posts about popsicles or food for that matter. I decided I needed another p word for the title and it had to do with fitness. Basically it came down to push-ups, pull-ups and planks. I can only do about 1 unassisted pull-up right now and planks, well I just despise them. Pushups are something I can actually do, so pushups it was!

Please excuse my messy apartment and poor self-timer picture taking abilities I’ll work on it!


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