A Day at the Beach

We live about an hour’s drive from the beach yet rarely go. Actually we haven’t ever taken Nolan to the beach and we’ve had him for about a year and a half. Brad suggested we go on a Sunday morning and I thought it sounded like fun. We packed up the car with chairs and snacks and made it out of here early to try and beat some of the hot sun.

Nolan getting a good stretch in before the car ride.

I looked up beaches to go to in Galveston and decided that Galveston Island State Park would be the best for us. It was a little bit out of the way and had outdoor showers for rinsing off. Nolan tends to do better with smaller crowds and this place ended up being perfect.

Nolan was very excited once we got there.

See all that seaweed in the background—that was Nolan’s favorite part! He was rolling all through it. Maybe it felt good or it just smelled really fishy. Either way he was obsessed with it.

He wasn’t as big of a fan of the water, well really the waves.

But, he did really enjoy running in and out of the waves J

And people watching.

Overall we had a great day and stayed just a few hours until the sun started getting really hot. Nolan and Brad fell asleep on the drive home and then Nolan had to endure a shower to rinse off all the sand he picked up at the beach. It was a good daytrip and I think we’ll be back.


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