Lazy Sunday

I woke up this morning a bit sore from the 3 mile Gritty Goddess I did yesterday (recap) coming soon. I laced up my sneakers and grabbed Nolan for a quick 1.2 mile run. I normally don’t like running near our apt complex because it’s along a busy road, but it’s pretty quiet on Sunday mornings.

I was planning on a swim workout in the afternoon, but it stormed most of the day and the pool was closed.
I’m still working on my recap for last week, but it was a lot better than the week before it. 2 weeks til triathlon!! Eeks!

Here’s a picture from our short run this morning



Friends across the US

It’s amazing to be able to keep in touch with friends all over the country and still feel like you’re in the same town. Three of my friends and I try to catch-up every once and awhile via google hangout and I can honestly say it’s the best part of my week. Emily, Margaret, Astrid and I all met in college at the University of Pittsburgh. We were all in the Outdoors Club and have spent many weekends cuddling in tents together.

The four of us lived together our senior year of college along with another one of our friends and I actually lived with at least one of them every year but my freshman year of college.

After we graduated we all ended up in different directions at some point: Margaret in DC, Emily in Patagonia, Astrid in Atlanta and me in Texas. They all rendezvoused in Houston last spring 2012 and got to meet my new puppy. We shared a great weekend and I’m pretty sure they all approved of the boyfriend J

The chat with them this week was awesome and we all got to talking about one topic: TRIATHLONS!

Margaret completed an Olympic distance one this year, Astrid just did her first ever tri and an Olympic distance one at that and I’ve got one planned in less than a month. Em hasn’t done one yet, but she’s pretty much up for anything J That got us talking to the idea of our next destination meet-up being somewhere that there was a triathlon taking place and us participating in it! I think the plan is next summer so we’ve got some time to think it out. I’m sure it would be a blast J

Scheming and planning on google handout.

Anyway these are my best friends and I’m always super excited when I get to see/talk to them. I’ll leave you with a current location of where we’re living (Em’s actually in Michigan now for a work trip, but living in Boulder)

Running with the Pup!

I had Monday off and it was a great excuse to go running at a park in Houston that I don’t normally make it over to. Memorial Park is one of the bigger parks in Houston and has a 3 mile jogging loop. It’s about a 20 minute drive from me without traffic, but unfortunately most of the time when you’re going anywhere in Houston there’s traffic. This typically makes this not a one of my top picks for running, except on days when you can leave at 10 AM to drive over and miss out on the morning commute traffic. Nolan and I headed over and the temperature was a perfect 80 degrees. It’s just starting to get nice in Houston after a long hot summer. Here are a few pics I have to share of Memorial Park and the running loop


You can’t see it in the pictures, but there actually were a lot of people out running for a Monday morning, I guess everyone else was just skipping work. Anyway the pup and I had a nice leisurely jog and walk around for our three miles, with a few water breaks thrown in. I actually really like this trail for running with Nolan because there are 3 doggie water fountains we can stop at around our loop.

You’ll notice Nolan also wears his Doodie Pack when he runs:

It’s actually a life-saver and because of it Nolan gets to continue going on runs with me. See I really really really hate running with a stinky bag of dog poop until I find a trash can. Nolan will definitely go at least once on a run, but usually two times. That’s 2 bags of dog poop to carry! The doodie pack is a perfect backpack for him to carry his own poop and he doesn’t even mind it.

It has 2 pockets and a key hook on the one side and a larger pocket on the left side of the body (this is where I normally put his poop J ). He normally carries empty bags, some water for himself (except when I know there’s going to be plenty of puppy water stops) and my keys (gotta put the dog to work). It has 2 straps under his body and 1 that goes around the front of his torso and the pack barely moves. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes running with their dog, but hates to carry the poop.

Here’s my one happy pup after his run:

Do you have any tips for running with your pup?

Weekly Recap 9-22-13

Yea…this week was pretty bad. We got hit with rain all this week and other than my muggy run on Tuesday I wasn’t motivated to get outside in the rain…or get on the trainer or treadmill. It’s my own fault and I full take on the laziness. I actually only have 3 weeks until my triathlon (I got it wrong last week when I said I had 5), so I really need to get my butt in gear. This week was a run, followed by a swim today. Also plenty of couch time with the pup

I have off tomorrow (Monday) so that should give me plenty of time to get a good workout in. We also have the playoffs for our co-ed kickball league. We started in July and it was only supposed to be a couple weeks, but we got rained out several times. Only other big thing on the schedule is the Gritty Goddess on Saturday with my friend and her mom. I’ve never done any type of mud run before, but I’m thinking it will be a lot of fun.

Have a great week!

The Texans are on but everyone’s at the pool

I thought I would be really smart and go do a swim workout while everyone was watching football, should be pretty empty right? Wrong! Almost all the lanes were taken and I had to share halfway through my workout. When I was walking through the gym afterwards I think there were 2 people working out on the machines which actually do have individual TVs (better place to be during a football game, right?  Overall it was a pretty good workout.  For the first day of fall in Houston it was actually in the high 60’s when I woke up, but by the afternoon it was up in the 80’s.

Pool Workout:

400 yards


100 x 4

50 x 4

Overall I felt pretty good afterwards, I just need to make sure I get my swims in. Here’s some pictures for the day:

Ready to swim

Swim time

Post workout snack: milk with TJ chocolate granola bar.

For the rest of the I’m relaxing and spending some time with the boy and pup

Fitting Workouts In

As far as workouts actually getting done for me I’m realizing that I need to do them after work and not before.

At the beginning of August I tried doing a bootcamp that started at 5:30 AM. The workout finished by 6:30 and I could make it to work by 8 AM. I was waking up around 4:45 to eat breakfast and drive there. This meant by the time 7:30 PM came I was exhausted, sometimes even falling asleep right after I got home for work. After about 2 weeks I decided I couldn’t sacrifice having a life in the evening for my bootcamp.

I also figured out if I came home after work and then tried to leave I felt terrible putting this little face back in his cage:


So for now the plan has been pack my bag, take it to work and workout before coming home. I have been the most successful in completing workouts this way. On Tuesday I managed a 3.05 mile run around the Rice loop. I felt pretty crappy while running, but was happy to finish my workout. I managed to keep a 10:30 pace 🙂

This weekend the plan is 20 mile bike ride, 3-4 mile run and swim workout.

What are your tips for making sure you complete your workouts?


blurry picture of the temp when I finished:


Counting down to my first tri

I’m still trying to get into a routine of blogging and hopefully documenting my training for my first triathlon will help.  Bad part is I only have 5 weeks until the triathlon so I really need to get my butt into gear.  I signed up back in July for the triathlon and started training consistently, but then life happened and I got pretty off schedule.  I’ve been doing pretty good for the last week and a half and just need to continue to be consistent.  

I’m participating in the Oktoberfest Sprint Triathlon in Cross Creek Ranch, which is about 20 minutes west of Houston. It’s a sprint course and the distances are as follows: 400 meter swim / 15 mile bike / 3 mile run.  It’s on Sunday October 13th and I can’t believe its so close!  I signed up for this race for 2 reasons. 
1) At the time it was 12 weeks away, giving me plenty of time to train.
2) They have a newbie start wave (It’s a lake swim and from what I read triathlon starts can be pretty traumatic)

Hopefully all will workout for the best and I’ll end up loving it and want to do more.  From a training standpoint I’m confident I can complete the race distance wise, for now my goal is working on feeling comfortable.
This past week my training was as follows:
Sunday–recovery at home (completed 30 mile ride with local bike group on Saturday)
Monday- kickball, followed by 2 mile run at 10 min/mile pace
Tuesday– swim: 200 yards, 100 yards x 4, 50 yards x 4, 25 yards x 4, followed by 1.5 mile run at 11 min/mile pace

This is the gravel track at the Rec Center, it’s a 2/3 mile loop

Wednesday- rest day
Thursday– planned bike ride on trainer, ended up not doing a workout
Friday– swim: 300 yards,100 yards x 4, 50 yards x 4, 25 yards x 4
Saturday– 3.2 mile run at Hermann Park, 10:30 min/mile pace

Sunday– 45 min ride on trainer, followed by .5 mile brick run with Nolan
This was my first bike/run brick and it wasn’t quite as terrible as I thought it would be. I decided to take then puppy along because he normally loves running and my boyfriend Brad was nice enough to harness him up so I could just run. Unfortunately Nolan just wanted to stop and smell EVERYTHING. I got a short little run in and came back to do some hip strengthening exercises and yoga.  Nolan was really happy after his run.

And yes he does have a Cowboys bandana on, not by my choosing however.