Counting down to my first tri

I’m still trying to get into a routine of blogging and hopefully documenting my training for my first triathlon will help.  Bad part is I only have 5 weeks until the triathlon so I really need to get my butt into gear.  I signed up back in July for the triathlon and started training consistently, but then life happened and I got pretty off schedule.  I’ve been doing pretty good for the last week and a half and just need to continue to be consistent.  

I’m participating in the Oktoberfest Sprint Triathlon in Cross Creek Ranch, which is about 20 minutes west of Houston. It’s a sprint course and the distances are as follows: 400 meter swim / 15 mile bike / 3 mile run.  It’s on Sunday October 13th and I can’t believe its so close!  I signed up for this race for 2 reasons. 
1) At the time it was 12 weeks away, giving me plenty of time to train.
2) They have a newbie start wave (It’s a lake swim and from what I read triathlon starts can be pretty traumatic)

Hopefully all will workout for the best and I’ll end up loving it and want to do more.  From a training standpoint I’m confident I can complete the race distance wise, for now my goal is working on feeling comfortable.
This past week my training was as follows:
Sunday–recovery at home (completed 30 mile ride with local bike group on Saturday)
Monday- kickball, followed by 2 mile run at 10 min/mile pace
Tuesday– swim: 200 yards, 100 yards x 4, 50 yards x 4, 25 yards x 4, followed by 1.5 mile run at 11 min/mile pace

This is the gravel track at the Rec Center, it’s a 2/3 mile loop

Wednesday- rest day
Thursday– planned bike ride on trainer, ended up not doing a workout
Friday– swim: 300 yards,100 yards x 4, 50 yards x 4, 25 yards x 4
Saturday– 3.2 mile run at Hermann Park, 10:30 min/mile pace

Sunday– 45 min ride on trainer, followed by .5 mile brick run with Nolan
This was my first bike/run brick and it wasn’t quite as terrible as I thought it would be. I decided to take then puppy along because he normally loves running and my boyfriend Brad was nice enough to harness him up so I could just run. Unfortunately Nolan just wanted to stop and smell EVERYTHING. I got a short little run in and came back to do some hip strengthening exercises and yoga.  Nolan was really happy after his run.

And yes he does have a Cowboys bandana on, not by my choosing however.


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