Fitting Workouts In

As far as workouts actually getting done for me I’m realizing that I need to do them after work and not before.

At the beginning of August I tried doing a bootcamp that started at 5:30 AM. The workout finished by 6:30 and I could make it to work by 8 AM. I was waking up around 4:45 to eat breakfast and drive there. This meant by the time 7:30 PM came I was exhausted, sometimes even falling asleep right after I got home for work. After about 2 weeks I decided I couldn’t sacrifice having a life in the evening for my bootcamp.

I also figured out if I came home after work and then tried to leave I felt terrible putting this little face back in his cage:


So for now the plan has been pack my bag, take it to work and workout before coming home. I have been the most successful in completing workouts this way. On Tuesday I managed a 3.05 mile run around the Rice loop. I felt pretty crappy while running, but was happy to finish my workout. I managed to keep a 10:30 pace 🙂

This weekend the plan is 20 mile bike ride, 3-4 mile run and swim workout.

What are your tips for making sure you complete your workouts?


blurry picture of the temp when I finished:



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