The Texans are on but everyone’s at the pool

I thought I would be really smart and go do a swim workout while everyone was watching football, should be pretty empty right? Wrong! Almost all the lanes were taken and I had to share halfway through my workout. When I was walking through the gym afterwards I think there were 2 people working out on the machines which actually do have individual TVs (better place to be during a football game, right?  Overall it was a pretty good workout.  For the first day of fall in Houston it was actually in the high 60’s when I woke up, but by the afternoon it was up in the 80’s.

Pool Workout:

400 yards


100 x 4

50 x 4

Overall I felt pretty good afterwards, I just need to make sure I get my swims in. Here’s some pictures for the day:

Ready to swim

Swim time

Post workout snack: milk with TJ chocolate granola bar.

For the rest of the I’m relaxing and spending some time with the boy and pup