Running with the Pup!

I had Monday off and it was a great excuse to go running at a park in Houston that I don’t normally make it over to. Memorial Park is one of the bigger parks in Houston and has a 3 mile jogging loop. It’s about a 20 minute drive from me without traffic, but unfortunately most of the time when you’re going anywhere in Houston there’s traffic. This typically makes this not a one of my top picks for running, except on days when you can leave at 10 AM to drive over and miss out on the morning commute traffic. Nolan and I headed over and the temperature was a perfect 80 degrees. It’s just starting to get nice in Houston after a long hot summer. Here are a few pics I have to share of Memorial Park and the running loop


You can’t see it in the pictures, but there actually were a lot of people out running for a Monday morning, I guess everyone else was just skipping work. Anyway the pup and I had a nice leisurely jog and walk around for our three miles, with a few water breaks thrown in. I actually really like this trail for running with Nolan because there are 3 doggie water fountains we can stop at around our loop.

You’ll notice Nolan also wears his Doodie Pack when he runs:

It’s actually a life-saver and because of it Nolan gets to continue going on runs with me. See I really really really hate running with a stinky bag of dog poop until I find a trash can. Nolan will definitely go at least once on a run, but usually two times. That’s 2 bags of dog poop to carry! The doodie pack is a perfect backpack for him to carry his own poop and he doesn’t even mind it.

It has 2 pockets and a key hook on the one side and a larger pocket on the left side of the body (this is where I normally put his poop J ). He normally carries empty bags, some water for himself (except when I know there’s going to be plenty of puppy water stops) and my keys (gotta put the dog to work). It has 2 straps under his body and 1 that goes around the front of his torso and the pack barely moves. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes running with their dog, but hates to carry the poop.

Here’s my one happy pup after his run:

Do you have any tips for running with your pup?


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