Friends across the US

It’s amazing to be able to keep in touch with friends all over the country and still feel like you’re in the same town. Three of my friends and I try to catch-up every once and awhile via google hangout and I can honestly say it’s the best part of my week. Emily, Margaret, Astrid and I all met in college at the University of Pittsburgh. We were all in the Outdoors Club and have spent many weekends cuddling in tents together.

The four of us lived together our senior year of college along with another one of our friends and I actually lived with at least one of them every year but my freshman year of college.

After we graduated we all ended up in different directions at some point: Margaret in DC, Emily in Patagonia, Astrid in Atlanta and me in Texas. They all rendezvoused in Houston last spring 2012 and got to meet my new puppy. We shared a great weekend and I’m pretty sure they all approved of the boyfriend J

The chat with them this week was awesome and we all got to talking about one topic: TRIATHLONS!

Margaret completed an Olympic distance one this year, Astrid just did her first ever tri and an Olympic distance one at that and I’ve got one planned in less than a month. Em hasn’t done one yet, but she’s pretty much up for anything J That got us talking to the idea of our next destination meet-up being somewhere that there was a triathlon taking place and us participating in it! I think the plan is next summer so we’ve got some time to think it out. I’m sure it would be a blast J

Scheming and planning on google handout.

Anyway these are my best friends and I’m always super excited when I get to see/talk to them. I’ll leave you with a current location of where we’re living (Em’s actually in Michigan now for a work trip, but living in Boulder)


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