Gritty Goddess Galveston 2013

This past weekend I got to participate in the gritty goddess mud run in Galveston. This was my first mud run and I can say that it was a lot of fun. The website for Gritty Goddess says there are about 30 obstacles total and there was definitely a lot of mud. My friend Jackie, her mom and I went down early Saturday morning and then the guys met us right before our heat started (10:10) to serve as our official photographers. The race started off with a short run, a climb up a “hill” followed by a slide down the hill on a wet tarp. I ended up going way too fast at the bottom and almost took someone out. My ninja slide in the picture below is right about when I’m going to hit someone. Luckily I avoided them.

We did some More running, followed by a climbing obstacle and then a wade through the resort’s lazy river. They passed out ice pops along the course and I ate about half and gave the rest to brad.

We then had an obstacle which involved walking the plank and jumping into a mud pit. That was fun until some girls decided to throw mud and I got some in my eye, not a happy camper. Then there was lots of crawling through mud. I even tried to get mud on my photographer.

The climb over the wall was next, followed by a nice cold muddy water obstacle, which involved climbing over and under.

After we finished we got a bottle of water, finishers dog tag and a nice hose off. We managed to find the warm showers and then claimed our free beers and blue bell ice cream.

Overall it was a fun experience, but would I do it again???

Probably not. The race was pretty expensive ($75) and we got a black cotton t-shirt (it’s Texas I hardly wear anything dark), there were lines of up to 20 minutes to do obstacles and not great activities after the run. There was a DJ and the resort’s pool area with the lazy river and a beach were open, but not until at least 2 hours after most people finished. The race handout said the beach would open at 3, but when we got over there staff said it didn’t open til 4 so most people just sat around waiting.


Have you ever done a mud run before? If so what was your experience?


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