Weekly Recap  10/6

Looking back at training this past week, it was pretty good overall, but my swims were kinda lacking.  

Monday- Kickball on a muddy field, followed by a minute yoga session.

Tuesday- 3 mile tempo run around Rice Loop.  This was my first tempo run ever and I felt fantastic!  It may have been that the temperature finally dropped below 90 degrees, but either way it was a great run.  

Wednesday- 600 yards, followed by 150 yards in the pool.  600 yards is the farthest I’ve ever swam without a break, shortly after finishing I had to start sharing my lane.  The guy I was sharing with was splashing and all over the place.  It kinda put me in a bad mood, but I figured it was probably good training for a triathlon.  I didn’t finish my whole set, but at least I got a workout in.

Thursday- planning on a run, but super sore from Tuesday.  

Friday- planned rest day, and it was a good thing because I had a crazy day at work.

Saturday- 700 yards swim followed by 15 min of aqua-jogging.  

Sunday- Got up early with my friend Jacqueline to do a bike/run brick.  We went to Rice where they have a 1/4 mile bike track.  My bike computer wasn’t working so I’m not sure exactly how far we went, but we rode for 30 min before it started drizzling.  We changed into our running shoes and it started down-pouring.  We ended up running 2 miles and I forgot to push the lap button on my watch.  I felt pretty good other than completely drenched.  AND freezing!  I cold front came in overnight and it was around 60 when we were running in the rain.  Big change from the 90 degrees I’ve been running in.  

The weather is supposed to warm up after today. They’re predicting highs in the 80s and lows in the 70s for race day, which sounds pretty good to me.  I did just purchase a windbreaker for cycling that hopefully will arrive this Friday in case I need it.  Starting to get excited about the race and also nervous.  This week I plan on taking it pretty easy with training.

The clouds before the rain came in this morning.