Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

So I hadn’t planned on it, but I ended up taking a 2 week break from most workouts after I finished my triathlon.  I was busy at work, we started looking for a home and we were preparing for the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, which was in Houston this year.  I’m going to do a brief recap of those events and then talk about what I have coming up.

Last Sunday I had a poster presentation at the conference. We had to be there by 8 AM for poster check-in, so that meant meeting my co-workers around 7:15 to carpool.  We got there and got setup and then I attended 2 sessions by Ellie Kreiger on bringing food back into the clinic and counseling rooms and also how to maximize your potential.  I explored the Expo hall for awhile and got tons of free samples.  My favorites probably were the indiviudal cheese stick cooler, some new Lara bars I tried and also a great grilled cheese sandwich from Kraft.  I hope to post that recipe on the blog once I actually make it myself.  From 12-1 I was stationed at my poster.  I had some good traffic and even ran into one of my professors from undergrad who was very excited to see me.  We went to one session afterwards and I ended up getting home around 6 completely exhausted.  

Monday I had to work, but we also had a FNCE excursion to my workplace that I helped with.  After work another dietitian and I took the train downtown to go to a networking reception for one of the groups we belong to.  

Tuesday was another conference day and I was up early again to take the train downtown for the first session starting at 8.  It was a long day, but I ended up getting off around 3 so I took the pup to the dog park and then drove around scoping out neighborhoods to possibly live in.  The rest of the week felt like a whirlwind with 2 happy hours and finally a family day today, which I helped with.  It was a gorgeous 80 degrees here today and I believe I got a sunburn being outside for 3+ hours.  I was watching my neighbors  2 labs and Brad was out of town golfing.  Three dogs had our tiny apartment packed.  Nolan really enjoyed himself and is currently passed out sleeping (which makes for an easy evening for me).  So enough excuses of why I was lazy.  

Here’s what I have coming up:

Sunday, Nov 3rd

The Tour de Donut

Basically it\s a 28 mile bike ride that you race for time, but get minutes taken off each time you eat a donut.  Not sure how many donuts I’m really going to eat, but I’m riding with a friend from work so it should be fun.  I actually have eaten donuts before bike rides and felt them in my stomach the entire time (poor decision on my part).


Thursday, November 28th

Turkey Trot 5k in New Cumberland, PA

I’m flying home to PA for Thanksgiving this year and as always am planning to freeze my butt off.  They’ve had freeze warnings already and it’s still 80 degrees in Houston.  Anyway, I was looking for something to motivate me to be active while i’m home and this is it.

So those are my upcoming plans.  In addition to hopefully finding and putting an offer in on a house 🙂  It’s really such a stressful process, but I’m super excited to have a place of our own.  I hope to run 3x per week , 2x per week and maybe swim 1x per week.  The pool I belong to is outside… It’s heated, but I,m a weenie.  Hopefully I can suck it up and get some swims in if I really plan on doing tris in the spring.  

People who live in warmer climates, do you have any motivation or ideas for swimming outside when it starts getting cooler in the fall and winter?


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