Weekly Workouts 1/5/14-1/11/14

It has finally warmed back up in Houston and is no longer below 40 degrees. Yay!

Last week was a very busy week at work. We had another co-worker leave to get married, so we’re covering for her until we find and train a replacement. I didn’t leave work til 7 PM last Friday, which was a depressing way to end my week.

Still working on getting in the schedule of workouts I planned for the week, but here’s what I got for ya:

Sunday: (planned: rest) Actual: rest day, but some time in at the driving range with my new junior (aka child’s size clubs)


Lets just say I probably could use some lessons

Monday:  run 6 , walk 2 x 4, ab workout, post run stretch Workout completed!

Tuesday: Nike Training Club upper body workout No workout 😦 I actually can’t remember what I did 

Wednesday: run 6, walk 2 x 4 times– Finished this workout too. Went to the apt complex gym and fumbled to get connected to the wifi. Finally get connected to wi-if, load Hulu plus and start watching tv, get 3/4 thru new girl, realized I watched that episode the night before (so apparently that’s what I did instead of working out), go to switch to a different episode, remember that I’ve actually been watching the mindy project while I run, feel silly, watch 10’mins of new show, take sweaty post run stretching picture:

 Thursday : rest (corporate dinner after work) Completed!

Friday: run 6, walk 2 x 4 No workout, exhausted from work 

Saturday: run 6, walk 2 x 4, Volunteer at work event in AM, take nap, go to dive bar to watch NFL playoffs, no workout

Sunday: bike ride (distance TBD) Didn’t quite make the bike ride, but I installed my new bike rack on my car.

Here’s my old rack hanging out:

It was super sturdy, but actually about eye level with me. Lifting my bike on there was a huge pain. Also another short girl problem is that my 44cm frame is pretty small ( hard to believe right?) getting it properly positioned was at least a 5 min battle.

Enter the Thule Raceway Platform:

This beautiful rack was the rack of this short girl’s dreams. Easy to load, adjustable wires instead of straps, lockable to my car…I could go on. It normally sells for $349, so when I saw it for $209 and free shipping thanks to amazon prime I knew it was meant to be.

Her she is attached to my car and loaded up (bike is actually out of place and should be closer to the car, but I was playing around when I took this picture.

Beautiful! I’m planning on taking it for its inaugural trip with bike this weekend to a training ride for the BP MS 150.



  1. You are just like me with your “junior” clubs! Haha! I thought I was the only one… I’m nursing a broken foot but can’t wait to get back into a regular workout routine. Congrats on your new house! You’ll love it! #CommentLove #SITSBlogging

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