2/22/14 Ready to Roll Training Series Ride New Waverly

The day after my birthday I woke up early to head up to New Waverly, TX with one of my friends for a training ride.  There were 2 options for the ride: 32 miles and 51 miles.  The furthest I’ve ever gone has been around 45 miles, so 51 would be a big increase.  For the ms 150 we ride around 100 miles the first day so we decided we needed to push oursevles to get the best out of our training.  Here’s the map of the ride:

The green areas are all national forest lands (I believe), so the first part of our ride was surrounded by trees.  We were actually going up and down some gentle hills and I went the fastest I’ve ever gone on a bike 24+ MPH.  I felt like I was flying!  I really enjoyed myself the first part of the ride….then we were out of the forest and hitting more hills on rougher roads 😦  The climbs were really hard for me, having really only rode on the flats of Houston.  The last climb before the 3rd rest stop was a real killer.  I was in my lowest gear and only going 3 MPH, sad face.  After that the last 10ish miles of the ride was along the highway frontage road and was referred to in earlier eamils as the “roller coaster”.

  Yea, it was and we had a head/cross wind for most of it.  I seriously contemplated jumping in a SAG vehilce several times during this portion.  It was just rough.  In order to keep going I kept telling myself how proud I would feel at the end when I was done.  I think it worked?  Either way I finished and came back and napped the rest of the day.  

We are about 6 weeks out until the MS150 and I need to do some serious training.  My plan is to get on the trainer 2 times per week in addition to the training rides.  Hopefully more time in the saddle will help because my shoulders/neck end up killing me about halfway through the rides.


First Run Around the New Neighborhood

I can say I am so excited to finally have a safe, quiet place to run!

As I mentioned we moved to a development with planned walking trails around lakes. I would guess maybe 5-6 miles worth if not more. Right now my maximum running totals haven’t been more than that, but should I decide to run more than that or get bored there’s a neighborhood across the street from us that supposedly has 19 miles of walking paths/trails.

I took my first run last Sunday after taking about 3+ weeks off. I did an easy run from my house and around the 2 lakes in my side of the neighborhood. It ended up being about 1.5 miles and was so quiet and peaceful. There’s houses lining the lake so I got to peek into everyone’s backyards and look at their patio furniture. We’re currently searching for some to upgrade the tiny bistro set that was on our apt patio.

Overall great run and I can’t wait to do even more. I have a long bike ride with some “hills” Saturday up near Huntsville, which is about an hour north of me. Hoping to also get a run in this weekend too!


Yoga Studio

I’m really itching to take my first run in my new neighborhood, but Mother Nature has had other plans for me. For the past 2 days we’ve had a steady light rain. The temperatures have average around 40°. This is just really isn’t running weather for me.
 I think the thing I most appreciate right now about the new house is having a backyard for Nolan. No more walking in the cold rain waiting for him to go to the bathroom!

While I’ve been technically counting moving as workouts (I’ve been a little sore each evening). It was time to do something else.
 I have the yoga studio app on my iPad and I really love it. I can’t remember how much it was to download, but definitely less than $10. After you have the app you can download different yoga sequences. Lately I’ve been using the beginner strength and the beginner flexibility. Each of these workouts are only 15 minutes long. Everything seems to flow well and you have pictures on the screen to guide you.

Nolan likes to make it even harder for me by running into me while I’m in bridge pose and bringing me toys to play with. The The workouts go by quickly but in the end I’m happy I at least did something.
 It looks like there’s only a small chance of rain tomorrow so hopefully I can get my first run in!
 -to everyone who stopped by as part of #SITSblogging, thank you a much! I have been even more motivated to keep working out!
 What are your go to workouts when it’s raining?

Workouts Lately 2/6/14

So my workouts lately haven’t really amount to that much, but I have a good excuse….we are moving into our new house! We have had about 2 weeks to paint and slowly move things.  The movers come in 2 days and I’ve basically been counting moving things to the car and carrying them to the car as my workouts.  We’re super excited to move into our own place and to be in the suburbs (I think).  I am most excited about having a safer place to run.  Our new neighborhood has trails around lakes, street lamps and quieter streets in general.  I will miss our close proximity to work and that’s about it for the old

I did get 1 workout in the past 2 weeks-a training ride for the MS150.  The MS150 is a ride from Houston to Austin that is a pretty huge event.  I think it’s around 180 miles total in 2 days so there is a training series you can sign up for to get yourself ready for it. 

I attended the first ride which was in Katy, approximately 30 minutes from my house.  That was back on January 18th.  I ended up doing the 28 mile ride, which wasn’t too bad other than the headwind for the last 8 miles on a rough road.  It was actually the same route I did for the tour de donut, so I knew what to expect.

I skipped the 2nd ride because we were trying to get all of our painting done.  We did with only 1 person (well animal) ended up with paint on them when they decided to take a nap up against the wall

The 3rd ride was in Sealy, TX, about an hour west of Houston and with a little more hills.  The hills really aren’t hills compared to anywhere but the south, but when you’ve only been riding the flats they seem huge.  My friend Caroline and I opted for the 44 mile ride to work on our endurance.  Again not a great day for riding.  Sidewind or headwind for about 40 of the 44 miles, which was pretty rough.  I really struggled the last 10 miles from the last rest stop.  It’s pretty discouraging when you look down and only see yourself going 9 MPH 😦 I even considered dropping out of the MS150 (you know all the crazy things that go through your mind when you’re in pain).  I successfully made it back to the start, had to get on my bike and ride 1.5 miles back to my car.  We drove to Panera and I had the delicious Fontina grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I finished the drive home, showered and napped the rest of the day. 

I’m hoping to get into a better workout routine once we move, but we’re going to be having our floors done starting next Wednesday so I’m sure that will throw off our routine a little.  Hoping to at least do all the training rides until the MS150 as a goal