Workouts Lately 2/6/14

So my workouts lately haven’t really amount to that much, but I have a good excuse….we are moving into our new house! We have had about 2 weeks to paint and slowly move things.  The movers come in 2 days and I’ve basically been counting moving things to the car and carrying them to the car as my workouts.  We’re super excited to move into our own place and to be in the suburbs (I think).  I am most excited about having a safer place to run.  Our new neighborhood has trails around lakes, street lamps and quieter streets in general.  I will miss our close proximity to work and that’s about it for the old

I did get 1 workout in the past 2 weeks-a training ride for the MS150.  The MS150 is a ride from Houston to Austin that is a pretty huge event.  I think it’s around 180 miles total in 2 days so there is a training series you can sign up for to get yourself ready for it. 

I attended the first ride which was in Katy, approximately 30 minutes from my house.  That was back on January 18th.  I ended up doing the 28 mile ride, which wasn’t too bad other than the headwind for the last 8 miles on a rough road.  It was actually the same route I did for the tour de donut, so I knew what to expect.

I skipped the 2nd ride because we were trying to get all of our painting done.  We did with only 1 person (well animal) ended up with paint on them when they decided to take a nap up against the wall

The 3rd ride was in Sealy, TX, about an hour west of Houston and with a little more hills.  The hills really aren’t hills compared to anywhere but the south, but when you’ve only been riding the flats they seem huge.  My friend Caroline and I opted for the 44 mile ride to work on our endurance.  Again not a great day for riding.  Sidewind or headwind for about 40 of the 44 miles, which was pretty rough.  I really struggled the last 10 miles from the last rest stop.  It’s pretty discouraging when you look down and only see yourself going 9 MPH 😦 I even considered dropping out of the MS150 (you know all the crazy things that go through your mind when you’re in pain).  I successfully made it back to the start, had to get on my bike and ride 1.5 miles back to my car.  We drove to Panera and I had the delicious Fontina grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I finished the drive home, showered and napped the rest of the day. 

I’m hoping to get into a better workout routine once we move, but we’re going to be having our floors done starting next Wednesday so I’m sure that will throw off our routine a little.  Hoping to at least do all the training rides until the MS150 as a goal




  1. Congratulations on your new home! I’m a military spouse and we move often, but it’s always exciting and a new adventure each time! Good luck on the MS 150!

    I’m visiting you from the SITS Comment Love event. Have a great week!

  2. We just bought a home last year and I did most of the moving from one house to the other since my husband had to work on the roof. Boy was it a workout! By the end of the two weeks of moving boxes from our rental to our van, I could lift a tv – easily! Enjoy your new house and running trails. We have a little mountain here in Wausau that I walk once a week when the weather permits.

  3. Moving is definitely s workout in itself and exhausting! Congrats on your own place in the burbs 🙂 I have really been trying to work on achieving my health goals this year. I have a chronic autoimmune disorder that impacts my joints, so no running for me. But I’ve been exercising on my stationary bike and trying to eat healthier, it helps so much! I will be following your social media so you can continue to inspire me to continue to work out!

    Visiting from SITS commentathon!

  4. Hey Susie – stopping by from SITS. Always nice to connect with other runners! I run and my husband (my blog co-author) does triathlon. Your new neighborhood sounds like a runner’s dream! Good luck with your move…so exciting!

  5. It’s so hard to stay motivated when there are such big (and amazing!) distractions in your life. Kudos to you for making it to even one workout. And congrats on the new home, the ‘burbs are awesome.

  6. I just started running and I never realized how hard it is! Maybe I should take up biking, like you. Your fitness regime is inspirational! I’m a short girl, too…Great name. I love the nike running app! but I was sad to realize that I was only running on average once a month for 3-4 miles. I gotta up my game, as I’m turning 40 this year!

  7. I know the feeling! I’m in the middle of a move myself. Trying to find ways to balance it all, but unfortunately my fitness is taking the backseat. Here’s to hoping that we both manage to squeeze in some workout time in the upcoming weeks.

    Congrats on the new place!

  8. Nothing like the excitement of moving into your own home! Even better that you have some safe places to run and workout. I’m very much sedentary at the moment as I’m having kidney surgery next week, after my recovery I want to get back into my fast walking and Zumba.

  9. Congrats on your new house! Hopefully you’ll be very happy there! 🙂 I live in a city, and sometimes I really miss having places to run that are not paved… I think I’d run much more if I had more nature around me!

  10. Well congrats on the new place! I’m sure you’re getting quite the workout moving in and all that stuff. I swear, moving is the most exhausting thing. I always say I’d rather be in labor than pack up and move and unpack. That’s how much I don’t like the work of moving 😉

  11. Buying a new house is always exciting, and a lot of work to move. Kudos to you for keeping up any workouts! I always have a hard time getting back into a groove when something shifts in my life like that. I started training last summer to do a half marathon, but then started working last august. After I started working I ended up with a torn meniscus… So my work outs are a bit minimal, but I’m working on building strength back up in my knee. Anyway, glad I got to stop by and give you some comment love… Another SITStah.

  12. Congrats, on your new home. Wow, that is awesome it itself that you have the endurance and willpower to train hard and be consistent considering the circumstances. I hope things work out for you and the event! Stopping by from SITS comment day!

  13. Yeah for a new house! It seems that work-out routines always get put on the back-burner when life takes us through changes. On the positive side though, you are still getting a workout & probably working out areas of your body that don’t normally 😉
    Dropping by from the SITS Girls challenge. Looking forward to following you.

  14. Good luck on your new home! We bought our house 2 years ago and it was such a fun experiences making a house a home.

    I also wanted to say that I don’t know if it is my computer or what but the font was very hard to read in this post. It was white on this light green background.

    Again congrats on the new place!

  15. Agh…I have been meaning to get my daily cardio and upperbody workouts in daily, but its hard with an almost 4 month old! I strive everyday to get it all done and strike a balance, but most days I do’t get everything checked off the list. Never ending working in progress!

    Stopping by from #SITSBlogging!

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