2/22/14 Ready to Roll Training Series Ride New Waverly

The day after my birthday I woke up early to head up to New Waverly, TX with one of my friends for a training ride.  There were 2 options for the ride: 32 miles and 51 miles.  The furthest I’ve ever gone has been around 45 miles, so 51 would be a big increase.  For the ms 150 we ride around 100 miles the first day so we decided we needed to push oursevles to get the best out of our training.  Here’s the map of the ride:

The green areas are all national forest lands (I believe), so the first part of our ride was surrounded by trees.  We were actually going up and down some gentle hills and I went the fastest I’ve ever gone on a bike 24+ MPH.  I felt like I was flying!  I really enjoyed myself the first part of the ride….then we were out of the forest and hitting more hills on rougher roads šŸ˜¦  The climbs were really hard for me, having really only rode on the flats of Houston.  The last climb before the 3rd rest stop was a real killer.  I was in my lowest gear and only going 3 MPH, sad face.  After that the last 10ish miles of the ride was along the highway frontage road and was referred to in earlier eamils as the “roller coaster”.

  Yea, it was and we had a head/cross wind for most of it.  I seriously contemplated jumping in a SAG vehilce several times during this portion.  It was just rough.  In order to keep going I kept telling myself how proud I would feel at the end when I was done.  I think it worked?  Either way I finished and came back and napped the rest of the day.  

We are about 6 weeks out until the MS150 and I need to do some serious training.  My plan is to get on the trainer 2 times per week in addition to the training rides.  Hopefully more time in the saddle will help because my shoulders/neck end up killing me about halfway through the rides.