You can tip over while on your trainer…

Yup, I learned something new today. My trainer isn’t 100% stable when I’m leaning over to pick up a dog toy.

If you look closely at the aftermath you’ll see a red ball on the ground. That’s what I was going for. Nolan kept bringing it to me and dropping it just shy of my hands. I was prepared to keep him happy with treats while I was on the trainer with a small ziploc bag of treats. See, he thinks whenever I’m on the bike trainer it’s time to play. He constantly is bringing me his treat ball (red Kong toy I can stuff treats in that he has to work to get out) and his squeaky snake (you can see that one in the picture too).

I was about 25 min in when I tipped off and the ride had been going so well. Silly of me to think I had gigantic arms and could reach the ball without getting up. I’ve learned my lesson. No dogs, people or furniture were hurt during this ride. My bike seems ok, but I need to get it inspected before the MS150 anyway so I think I’ll take it in next week to make sure it’s fine.

I was supposed to do a 49 or 74 mile training ride with the series I’m doing, but it was called off because of thunderstorms. 25 minutes on the trainer didn’t even touch the surface of that. I definitely need to get in the saddle more tomorrow and next week.

After the spill Nolan and I took a short 1 mile jog. He was so happy afterwards, but 1 mile is pushing how much he can do without getting bored.

I was pondering training today and I got to thinking that I’m the kind of person who needs a race registration to actually motivate me. I talked about doing triathlons for a long time, but only started seriously training for one after I paid my money. I am working on a race schedule for this year and will post soon. This way after station my intentions I can hold myself accountable to training.

Here’s to trainer rides and no more indoor crashes!


Workout Recap 3/2-3/8

This recap is a little late, but I actually did a few workouts so I wanted to log them.

3/2 Sunday: bike ride around local park= 15 miles.  I was supposed to go on a training ride with the series that I’m using to train for the MS150, but the pre-ride email talked a lot about a bad tailwind and the possibility of rain.  That really didn’t persuade me to get out of bed, but seeing as how the ride is coming up soon I decided to get something in.  Brad wanted to go hit some range balls so I had him drop me off and I figured I would ride until he was done.  That worked out to be about 15 miles.

The loop is at Tom Bass Park and is perfect for training.  Each lap is 1.5 miles and the road is pretty quiet.  It was good training as I rode with a tailwind, sidewinds and a headwind.  Towards the end it started to drizzle, so I was really glad I didn’t go on the training ride.

3/3 Monday: slow 2.14 mile run.  I decided to use my heart rate monitor for this one and I always feel like I’m moving at a snails pace.  I haven’t been running much lately and this seems like the way to go.  I enjoyed a nice run around my new neighborhood and around the lakes.  

Tuesday, Wednesday: unplanned rest days.  It was freezing outside, I did nothing.

Thursday: 1.5 hours of pulling weeds in the backyard.  We hadn’t touched our yard since we moved in.  We had weeds taller than the dog.  I count it as a workout because my hamstrings were shaking at the end from so much squatting and standing.

Friday: rest day

Saturday: 43 mile training ride in Columbus, TX (2 hours from Houston!) Up super early for a training ride. They said that part of this ride was on the actual ride we would do on the MS150.  I had a great ride for whatever reason and felt really strong until the last 5 miles of hills.  I’ve been working on my fueling and water intake and would like to think that helped.  I could feel my hamstrings were a little tight, so maybe that helped as well?? Who knows, but I really enjoyed myself.  

This is what my outfit looked like at the end of the ride.  Still working on my layers

Week of 3/9: My parents, brother and grandma are in town from PA! We’ve been relaxing, heading to the beach and the rodeo.  I haven’t really done much except a lot of walking and sleeping!

4 more weeks until the MS150!

My co-worker and I are thinking about signing up for a super sprint triathlon the weekend after the MS150.  If we do I need to get in the pool ASAP.  More details to come…