You can tip over while on your trainer…

Yup, I learned something new today. My trainer isn’t 100% stable when I’m leaning over to pick up a dog toy.

If you look closely at the aftermath you’ll see a red ball on the ground. That’s what I was going for. Nolan kept bringing it to me and dropping it just shy of my hands. I was prepared to keep him happy with treats while I was on the trainer with a small ziploc bag of treats. See, he thinks whenever I’m on the bike trainer it’s time to play. He constantly is bringing me his treat ball (red Kong toy I can stuff treats in that he has to work to get out) and his squeaky snake (you can see that one in the picture too).

I was about 25 min in when I tipped off and the ride had been going so well. Silly of me to think I had gigantic arms and could reach the ball without getting up. I’ve learned my lesson. No dogs, people or furniture were hurt during this ride. My bike seems ok, but I need to get it inspected before the MS150 anyway so I think I’ll take it in next week to make sure it’s fine.

I was supposed to do a 49 or 74 mile training ride with the series I’m doing, but it was called off because of thunderstorms. 25 minutes on the trainer didn’t even touch the surface of that. I definitely need to get in the saddle more tomorrow and next week.

After the spill Nolan and I took a short 1 mile jog. He was so happy afterwards, but 1 mile is pushing how much he can do without getting bored.

I was pondering training today and I got to thinking that I’m the kind of person who needs a race registration to actually motivate me. I talked about doing triathlons for a long time, but only started seriously training for one after I paid my money. I am working on a race schedule for this year and will post soon. This way after station my intentions I can hold myself accountable to training.

Here’s to trainer rides and no more indoor crashes!



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