Back on the blogging train 

So I guess you could say I fell off the blogging wagon.  In reality I fell off the trainer Yea that really happened.  Since then I:

– Successfully completed the MS150 bike ride from Houston to Austin:

Finish MS150 Austin capitol

At the finish line in Austin

-Finished decorating our house and had our housewarming party (about 3.5 months after we moved in)


– Spent a lot of time in the backyard with Nolan pup

– And signed up for another triathlon!

I’m doing the Freedom Y Triathlon in Pearland, TX on June 29th.  It’s a pool triathlon, which I’m excited about since I have yet to actually do the swim portion of a tri.  It’s also in June in Texas, which could end up being super hot.  I have been kinda laid back following training, so hopefully I will survive on race day.  I recently went swimming in our community pool and although I had to dodge a few kids, I got the workout done.  I’ve also enjoyed some jogs/runs around the lakes in the community.  This (a safe place to run) was one of my wants  for moving, so I better take advantage of our new neighborhood. I also found a new app which has running mixes called rock my run.  It has worked out pretty well on my runs so far.

We’ve been very lucky to have a mild spring, temperature wise.  It’s finally starting to get REALLY hot.  I waiting until 8ish the other night to do my run and still was covered with sweat when I came back.

Anyway, I’ve got about 2 weeks until the triathlon, time to buckle down for 1 more week of hard training!