It’s been so long I forgot my password

So it’s been awhile since I logged in here.  A long time actually.  I forgot my password to log in. That’s bad.

Anyway, I’ve been training with a new group and that has motivated me to start posting again.

I’m running with Power in Motion (PIM), which is a subgroup of HARRA (Houston Are Road Runners Association).

I originally signed up to try to meet more running friends, but it has actually been really great in helping with my overall running.  As I was describing to another girl this week, my typically running has been binge based.  I’ll run for a couple of months, then stop.  Sign up for a race, train, run hard and then stop.  I’m hoping with PIM i will train smarter and get in to more of a consistent running routine.

Our plan calls for 4 runs per week. 1 as a group on Wednesdays and 3 on our own.  So far I’ve been doing 2/3 each week and I feel good about that.  It’s a lot more than I previously had been doing.

Our group meets on each wednesday and this week we had someone speak about running form.  More importantly heel strikers vs good form.  I had never thought about myself as a heel striker, but he gave us a really good test to find out if we were running with good form or not.  We  were to run in place, lean forward and start running.  That was how it was supposed to feel and if it didn’t feel like that or if we leaned back when we were running it probably meant we were running on our heels.

Major shocker for me…I was a heel striker!!!  We had a 25 min run on the schedule and I practiced on leaning forward and having a quick turnover.  I felt pretty good cardiovascular wise although I had new parts of my body hurting-specifically my shins and ankles.


Today I went for a 20 min shakeout run and practiced the same technique.  I felt pretty good other than right knee aching (I’ve had ACL surgeries on each knee so not surprising), but it wasn’t terrible and went away after stretching.  Either way I’m excited to be back into the running groove again!