Recap November-Decmber

So the past 2 months were pretty busy for me and with good reason….

We bought a house!!!

It’s a crazy feeling to spend a ton of money and sign your life away, but it feels so good knowing that we’ll no longer be paying rent.  We found the house in the middle of October, offer was accepted within a few days, then a quick few days of finding insurance, a home inspection and negotiating items.  Luckily the house is pretty new and in great shape so we didn’t really request many things to be fixed.  Just a few small things here and there.  We closed the beginning of December, but we’re actually leasing back to the previous homeowners until Jan 19th.  So we technically haven’t been in the house yet and it doesn’t really seem real to me yet.  The holidays were spent back in PA with my family and I returned to start packing up our tiny apartment.  It’s amazing how much stuff you can pack away.

I’ve got some exciting things on the horizon for the spring.

  1. MS 150 in April (I signed up for a training ride, where I’ll hopefully ride every Saturday until then)
  2. Parents, brother and grandmother visiting for a week in March
  3. First triathlon of the spring in late April.

I slacked off over the holidays and while I did struggle through a turkey trot, there wasn’t much running going on afterwards.  I’m working on a running plan right now from Women’s Running magazine to get back into shape safely.  I had some sore legs and knees in the fall when running, so I want to get back into things slowly and without injuries.  The plan is great and has some walk/run segments that you do for a certain amount of time.  For example this week I’m to run on 4 separate days, each day I run for 6 minutes and walk for 2.


I spent last night on the treadmill here at the apartment complex since it’s actually freezing outside (hardly ever happens in Houston 🙂  I watched the Mindy Project on my ipad so it went by quickly.  I also really like being able to set my pace on the treadmill and just run.

I’ve also been incorporating in some yoga/core work to help prevent injuries as well.  Here’s my current plan for the week:

Sunday: rest

Monday: run 6 , walk 2 x 4, ab workout, post run stretch

Tuesday: Nike Training Club upper body workout

Wednesday: run 6, walk 2 x 4 times

Thursday: rest (corporate dinner after work)

Friday: run 6, walk 2 x 4

Saturday: run 6, walk 2 x 4

Sunday: bike ride (distance TBD)


Here’s to hoping the weather warms up soon!!